Geophysical Logging Unit

LoggingUnit2LoggingUnit3The Hill Country Underground Water Conservation District, in partnership with three other Hill Country groundwater conservation districts (Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District - Bandera County, Blanco-Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District - Blanco County, and Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District - Burnet County,) have purchased a geophysical logging unit.  The unit is used to log wells, which will provide geologic and hydrologic information of the various aquifers in the Hill Country area.  Well bore geometry and configuration can be determined which will identify fracture and cavity zones where groundwater may be concentrated.  Lithological information will be provided, as well as resistivity data that can characterize groundwater quality and rock density.  All of these data parameters taken together will provide an accurate method for characterizing well bore geology and hydrology.  This type of technology is routinely used in oil and gas exploration, and its use will greatly aid in the understanding of the extremely complicated geology present in this part of the Texas Hill Country.  The District will log wells for any one in Gillespie County at no cost to the landowner and will provide a copy of the log. To log a well the only requirement is that it must not currently be equipped with a pump.  Anyone interested in having their well logged is encouraged to contact the District Office at 830.997.4472 or come by at 508 South Washington, Fredericksburg, Texas. To view an example of a completed log, please click on the following:

Example 1

Example 2

Cross Sections

The District has created multiple cross sections derived from the data obtained from the geophysical logs. Geologic cross sections provide two-dimensional slice of Earth's subsurface and is used to help understand geologic conditions that occur in specific areas of the cross section. To view a cross section, please clock on the following:

Cross Section 1

Cross Section 2

Cross Section 3