Gillespie County 3D Structural Model and

Sub-regional Area


The videos of the two models below are not interactive. Videos are a compilation of multiple models. Please note download time of videos will vary depending on speed of your computer.

Video of Gillespie County Model

Video of Gillespie County-Sub-regional Model



The two models below are interactive allowing the user to manipulate the model into different perspectives. To view or download model(s) click on the following files. Please note these files are large (193 MB, 243 MB) and can take up a lot of memory on your computer. In fact some computers might not have enough memory to download these files. If the images do not appear you might need to download a newer version of Acrobat.

To navigate model(s) use your mouse: left click to orient the model, right click to increase or decrease images. To view next image, click the up or down arrow button or the side scroll button on the right side of the model.

Gillespie County Model

Gillespie County Sub-regional Model